Certified Refurbished Baskets


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MVP and Axiom’s Pro series Baskets, the Black Hole® Pro and Axiom Pro, have been the pinnacle of at-home basket offerings for a number of years running. With our backlog of additional parts and pieces, we are able to offer mismatched baskets to our dealers and fans at a better price point. These baskets are picked from returning stock baskets that might have been missing a piece, or dented/scraped in shipping. Refurbished Baskets may interchangeably be made up of the various pieces of the Axiom Pro and Black Hole® Pro Baskets. Rest assured that these baskets are every bit the quality catching basket that has made the Black Hole® Pro and Axiom Pro the finest catching at-home basket on the market!
Refurbished Baskets do not qualify for warranty claims for minor dents and scratches. Warranty claims for refurbished baskets will be addressed on a case by case basis.


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